Matilda Popescu

Dr. Ing. Cercetător Ştiinţific grad. III

Expert in laboratory analysis, with over 30 years of experience in quality determination and seed control in the areas of laboratory analysis of purity, vigor testing, cold testing, accelerated aging, germination energy, seed germination, seed viability, electrophoresis analysis, and genetically modified organisms. Additionally, possesses extensive experience in field-based variety purity determination of seed lots, based on the species and biological categories in accordance with domestic and international seed legislation.

In parallel with laboratory work, pursued a master’s degree in Sustainable Agriculture from 2000 to 2002. From 2004 to 2010, conducted research to study the behavior of certain wheat varieties in different regions, including Brasov, Bucharest, and Dolj, under the guidance of Professor Dr. Doc.St. Gheorghe Bîlteanu.

In 2010, successfully defended a doctoral thesis titled “Research on Seed Dormancy in Some Wheat Varieties and the Factors Influencing It” at the Doctoral School of the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Bucharest, obtaining a doctorate degree in agriculture.

During the first three years after graduating from university, worked as a substitute teacher in chemistry and biology departments, during which time acquired pedagogical skills that later formed the basis for conducting professional training in the country’s specialized laboratories. Since 1996, has been working in the field of seed quality.

As a Laboratory Manager and Senior Advisor at the Central Laboratory for Seed Quality in Bucharest, holds high expertise in seed germination, being responsible for the accuracy and safety of germination analysis, viability, cold testing for all seed lots exported and imported by Romania, whose quality is determined by the Central Laboratory for Seed Quality in Bucharest. Additionally, supervised germination analysis for all seed lots analyzed for the establishment of certified seed lots by authorized entities under the Central Laboratory for Seed Quality’s supervision.


She made a major contribution to the development of the “Quality Manual” of the institution he was a part of, as well as the accreditation by the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA). Romania joined ISTA with the establishment of the first seed quality control laboratories, becoming a member in 2000. The Bucharest Central Laboratory for Seed Quality (LCCSMS) was accredited and subsequently reaccredited every three years, being internationally recognized in this field by the same institution.

Through her work, she contributed to the standardization of working methods at the national level, adherence to internal and international working standards, and compliance with seed quality legislation. She served as a member of the Audit Commission according to Order MADR 141/2012 for the reauthorization of seed quality control laboratories, with expertise in verifying the implementation of the quality management system (QMS) regarding seed analysis (purity, germination, electrophoresis, moisture, GMO) in LCCSMS, territorial inspectorates, and specialized laboratories throughout the country.

The main competencies acquired over time, in accordance with ISTA standardized methods, provide a solid foundation for detailed knowledge of laboratory activities. The accumulated experience throughout the years of work brings added value to the Plant Genetic Resources Bank for Vegetable, Floriculture, and Aromatic Plants, ensuring the preservation, determination of seed vigor, and maintenance of germplasm collections in optimal parameters, ensuring their long-term preservation in line with FAO standards and similar institutions worldwide.

He has participated in numerous courses and seminars in the field, the most important of which include:
• Certificate of “Internal Control Management System” training, 2017;
• Certificate of participation in “Internal Auditor for Testing and Calibration Laboratory Management Systems,” 2013;
• Certificates in “Seed testing, according to the ISTA Rules,” 2007;
• Certificate for inspecting seed crops, 2005;
• Certificate of training in “Legal Framework for Public Procurement for Investments from Public Funds,” 2006;
• Certificates for inspecting seed crops, 2000, 2004, 2009, 2012, 2018.
• In 2021, he obtained the title of Senior Counselor III.